Horn Hunter Mainbeam

Horn Hunter Mainbeam

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Good: A Day Pack that Carries Heavy Loads in a compact and narrow design!
Bad: A few material issues...
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The Hornhunter Mainbeam is a tough pack in a small package. The Mainbeam is rated at 2800 cubic inches (I personally think it is smaller) with a variety of pockets (22) that make organization a cinch. This pack also has a wind design for carrying longer optics, tripods, arrows etc. This pack fits the needs of the day hunter who also wants to carry heavy loads or pack out meat due to a tough internal frame system, as well as a narrow design that feels much more like a daypack.

This pack is available in Mossy Oak Breakup and Predator Deception.

I’ve been using the HornHunter Mainbeam for about 5 years during personal hunts and hiking trips. It currently shows little wear and I have found it to be extrememly durable and well designed. I have packed out several mule deer with it with pack weights exceeding 80 lbs with no issues. My personal style of hunting often requires a hike of several miles before sunrise and again after sunset. I prefer to carry a daypack sized backpack. When I get an animal down I like to take a load with me on the first trip and usually return with a meat pack or in the case of a Mule Deer I will often split the boned out meat load with a hunting buddy which makes it very manageable in one trip.

This is made easier with an attached meat strap or shelf system that is stowed conveniently out of the way in the bottom of the pack. This is bright orange for visibility on one side and gray on the other. It does provide some comfort to wrap your cape and antlers in a bright orange cloth, especially on crowded rifle hunts.

While this pack is an excellent pack, the shoulder straps are not as soft as some I have used but can be worn day after day without issue. I have also noticed some squeaking and noise when the pack is loaded down with 50+ lbs.

The pack material is fairly quiet and wears well. The bottom of the wing pockets are made of a mesh material that is also prone to fray. While it is still intact and I’ve had no issues, cosmetically it does show wear quickly and catches burrs and brush fairly easily.

This pack also has the ability to carry a bow or a rifle due to the unique straps on the back of the backpack. It attaches to the handle and riser of the bow, so there isn’t excess strain on the strings and cables. I often use these for attaching a tripod with a spotting scope mounted if I’m doing a lot of glassing — which is very convenient.

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