FHF Gear Binocular Harness – Review

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Good: Very Lightweight, Durable, and Well Designed. Under 9 oz!
Bad: Not 100% Enclosure.
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The FHF Gear bino harness is a great product. It come in a variety of colors and sizes. Colors include Kryptec’s popular “Highlander”, Multicam camo, Foliage and Tan and sizes that will accommodate any binoculars, from small 8x compacts to 15x Kaibabs or Swaros. The ability to choose your size based on your binoculars is what really sets this harness system apart from the competition. I like lightweight and well designed gear — so I like this binocular harness system from FHF Gear.

FHF Gear Bino Harness in Kryptek Highlander – Photo from FHFGear.com

I measured my “go-to” binoculars and found them to be 6 and 1/8 inches tall – which fit perfectly in the “small” size.  It is very lightweight (9 oz. empty) and fits my binoculars very well. The lid closes snugly around the top of the lenses to keep them protected from the elements. This particular pair of binoculars have flip up (screw out) eye pieces — I was able to securely close the pouch lid with the eye pieces in or out. Aside from providing great protection for your optics, the harness also has a front zipper to hold things like licenses, a cell phone, small point and shoot camera, or wallet, as well as a pocket on either side to carry items like wind powder, game calls, lens cloths, etc.

Side Pockets

MultiCam Bino Harness Side Pockets

The strapping is solid and doesn’t allow for much stretch which keeps this harness close to your body and prevents bouncing. Almost every aspect of the strapping can be shortened or lengthened for a great fit, including the strap that attaches to your binocular. This system uses a string and clip to keep the lid closed, which I found to be very convenient to open with one hand.

Size Comparison with 10 x 42 Cabelas Alaska Guide Binoculars

Size Comparison with 10 x 42 Cabelas Alaska Guide Binoculars

This bino system is very well made and designed. I can’t help but compare this product to others on the market and find it to be very well thought out and combine the best of competing products in a lightweight, tough, and attractive product. Keep in mind that this harness does not provide 100% enclosure but protects and will keep debris off the lenses of your expensive lenses in most hunting and outdoor situations. When riding a dusty road on your 4 wheeler, I would simply throw a jacket or cover over it — excessive dust is very hard on all equipment and I don’t recommend having any gear exposed to extremely dusty conditions.

Wearing Bino Harness

Wearing Bino Harness

This unit cost $85 dollars from fhfgear.com which is very reasonable compared to the other binocular harness systems on the market. If you haven’t heard of FHF gear (Fish Hunt Fight) then you should take a few minutes and acquaint yourself (www.fhfgear.com). Paul Lewis creates some very well thought out accessories for carrying your binoculars, radios, rangefinders, bear spray, etc. In the past he was doing a lot of custom work, but now is working with a manufacturer to make some of his products more available, and fulfill orders more quickly. Best of all – everything FHF gear makes is made in the U.S.A. He provides great customer service along with a warranty stating: “If any product should fail due to a material flaw or workmanship I will repair or replace it as necessary free of charge.”

Check out all of their products at www.fhfgear.com or follow FHF Gear on Facebook.

FHF Gear - Bino Harness


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